Raising Powerful Daughters

I think parents of daughters should have open conversations with them around age six.  Girls (at least in Western nations) are having many more opportunities to develop their power levels.  I point out in my books—Women, Meditation, and Power and The Power of the Loving Man – that power is the main and essential quality of a female.  If a woman does not fully know this, it is because her power has been repressed for millennia in every respect – socially, politically, physically, mentally, emotionally—to the extent that women themselves began to believe they were powerless.

Girls today are up-ending this false perception.  They now see or hear of many powerful women.  But something happens in tween and teen years where girls can get thrown off their power lines and it’s important to discuss this.

First, girls should understand what power is and why they have it.

Both men and women have energy bodies that surround their physical bodies.  They look and behave differently.  A woman’s energy body is more fluid.  It vibrates rapidly and extends beyond her physical body like a butterfly’s wings.  Her energy body is an expression of power as we see it in nature – fluid and capable of vast change.   A man’s physical body is more constrained, it is grid-like and held closer to the physical body.  It resembles a honeycomb.  It is a perfect container for love.

Because of current social norms, cyberbullying, social media use, video games, and porn – girls and boys continue to get traditional, distorted and sexist views of manliness and womanliness.  Girls are still portrayed as submissive, and the submissive sexual partner.

Since girls are the power species on the planet, they should not be draining their power with thoughts and actions that hurt them.  Hormones are rising, but hormones alone are not conveyed during sexual intimacy.  In my books, I point out that in sex, which children engage in at younger and younger ages, it is not just two physical bodies that are this-close.  It’s also two energy bodies.  And the girls, with their wider and more fluid energy bodies, pick up the thoughts of their sexual partners like a sponge.  A boy who dislikes women or holds a lower view of them injects that into her, and she will then think the thoughts and feelings are her own.

This is why self-confident, secure girls often look drained and insecure after sex with a negative partner.  She has absorbed her partner’s negativity.  Too many girls dropping into low mind-states lead to a surge in cyber-bulling and destructive behavior.

I think girls need to know this.  Why should girls get thrown off their path to power for the years from 10 to about 25?  This is a time when they can develop skills that will help many people and the planet.   If they lose 15 years by feeling powerless or focusing only on their temporal sexual power, what doorways did they not go through because their self-esteem was so low they did not even see what beneficial openings were there?

Studying hard and getting A’s, learning new skills, athleticism and outdoor activity, these are all power raisers.

Teaching points for girls:

  • Spend time with positive, loving friends and partners
  • The fluid subtle physical body of a female is powerful, but it is more easily damaged by negative thoughts than a male.
  • Do things to raise your power level because you are power! You deserve it!
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Practice mindfulness and (over age 14) meditation

Many schools teach mindfulness and simple meditation techniques.  These are ways to balance and anchor a sense of stillness and inner strength that girls innately have.  It takes strength for a girl to navigate her tweens and teens.  The fluid intuition and wisdom of the female energy body will support her growth and natural power level.

Image by Bailey Torres via Unsplash

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