Elizabeth Grace

Liz turns stereotypical gender roles upside down, and makes a compelling argument for how we can bring men and women back into balance — and why. But don’t take it from me, visit https://www.amazon.com/Women-Meditation-Power-Liz-Lewinson/dp/1947811797, read the reviews — and if … Read More

Siria Contreras

“Women Meditation and Power is a must read for women. Author Liz Lewinson reminds us of the strength and power found within all of us, that we often time suppress. Her words and teachings show us just how to let … Read More

Taz Tagore

“Really enjoyed this book. The first chapter was especially hard-hitting and I really craved hearing more in the chapters that followed. I loved the combination of key teachings with your interpretations.”

Michael Raboy

“Women, Meditation and Power is a concise and wonderful book about the definition of gender from a spiritual point of view. This book reveals the strength and power that is a part of women’s true being and the humility that … Read More

Yael Shy

“This book is full of heart and wisdom. It is a clearly written, fascinating story of an extraordinary individual, the lives he affected, and the potential he showed the world for waking up. It was a wonderful read.”

Judith Simmer-Brown

“A vivid account of Liz Lewinson’s personal relationship with the dynamic contemporary yogi, Rama. Born Frederick P. Lenz, this elusive young man leaps off the pages of her book, showing that magic and enlightenment are available to everyone, right here, … Read More

Venerable Dr. Pannavati

“I enjoyed this book immensely! I read it in one sitting. Just couldn’t put it down. My mind went back to the day in an obscure village in Costa Rica (well over a decade ago) when I picked up a … Read More

Margaret Wheatley

“I was fascinated, moved, and inspired by this clear and compelling biography of Rama. I found myself very drawn to this true Crazy Wisdom guru who offered so much to his students and who, like all great gurus, also suffered … Read More

Leslie Harris

“This biography by Liz Lewinson is a passionate, moving, and experiential glimpse into a remarkable teacher who helped his students discover a better life and enlightened awareness while they lived in the everyday world. A page-turning book to be read … Read More


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