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Linda Marcus

“I truly enjoyed this book. My husband and I knew Rama for a long time as a friend, not a teacher. This book was an excellent read and I learned so much more about Rama’s physical and spiritual being and … Read More

American Buddhist Rebel

American Buddhist Rebel American Buddhist Rebel: Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz This award-winning biography of the early teaching years of Rama ‐ Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950 ‐ 1998) immerses you in a journey of joyful self-discovery. Celebrate as Rama emerges … Read More

The Power of the Loving Man

The Power of the Loving Man Men are Natural Leaders in Loving Kindness Over many millennia, men were conditioned by wrong ideas of masculinity.  They were taught constricted views of loving kindness, self, and power.  These incorrect messages damaged all the different relationships in men’s … Read More

Women, Meditation, and Power

Women, Meditation, and Power Women are the Power Leaders on the Planet Why?  Because power – fluidity and change – flows through women more strongly than in men.  The primary aspect of women is power.  The primary aspect of the … Read More


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Books Women, Meditation, and Power “At their natural, energetic core, men express love and humility, while women express power.” Women are the power species on the planet. With insight inspired by a Buddhist teacher, Liz embarks on a journey of … Read More

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