Women, Meditation and Power at Dharma Bum Temple

The Dharma Bum Temple is honored to welcome Liz Lewinson, Vice President and Treasurer of The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism. She will speak about her books, Women, Meditation and Power, and The Power of the Loving Man. … Read More

Two kingfisher birds on a tree branch
Lifting the Lid Off Love and Power

In these angry and confusing times, it is increasingly difficult to find a sense of happiness and fulfillment.  It seems everything is out of balance.  While it is unlikely that any one individual can solve all the world’s problems, there … Read More

Australia wildfires
Gender Ecology

The climate crisis is a stark symbol of imbalance in nature.  This imbalance is reflected in misunderstandings about males and females.   For millennia, human beings (men) have attempted to dominate the Earth, even though nature proves again and again that … Read More

Girls playing near wading pool
Raising Powerful Daughters

I think parents of daughters should have open conversations with them around age six.  Girls (at least in Western nations) are having many more opportunities to develop their power levels.  I point out in my books—Women, Meditation, and Power and … Read More

Boys jumping up
How to Raise a Kind and Caring Son

Raising a happy, well-adjusted, emotionally secure son is getting tougher all the time.  Parents are up against influences that did not exist even one decade ago.  Social media and cyber bullying are real, often incredibly cruel influencers on a tween. … Read More

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Author Talk: Liz Lewinson

Meet local author, Liz Lewinson. She’ll be discussing her latest book, Women, Meditation, and Power. There will be time for questions, discussion, and a short meditation exercise.


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