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A core duality, from the time of birth, is the concept of male and female.  Many years ago, I learned from a Buddhist teacher about the ground state for understanding and leveraging maleness and femaleness. It is based on the understanding that every person has a physical body and an energy body that surrounds the physical body. Just as there are obvious physical differences between men and women, so too there are undeniable differences in the subtle physical or energy bodies of men and women.

The energetic core of men resides close to the physical body.  It consists of interwoven lines of light.  This male energetic core flourishes with compassion and kindness.   It is not showy or boastful. It is humble. It is not fast; it is measured.

The energy structure of the female body is very fluid, constantly changing at a rapid rate.  It extends several feet beyond the physical body and resembles a butterfly’s wings.  The female energy body conducts life force (chi in Chinese medicine) more rapidly than a man.  This is reflected in her physical body — fluidity and change in the form of menstruation, optional ability for childbirth, greater sexuality, multiple orgasms, higher communication skills, and more.

Women embody power.  Men embody love and humility.

To understand this more fully, think about power in nature.  In nature, power is fluidity and change.  Have you ever seen how power is generated by electricity windmills?  The faster the wind, the more quickly the blades turn, moving internal turbines that generate power.  Have you every stood at the base of water rushing through the chutes of a dam?  The buzz is palpable – you can feel the power of the rushing water.

If a man, whose highest power level is love and humility, instead adopts domination and control or shuts down his own loving kindness, he is  shutting off his life force or internal power.  The results will be a dull and repressive expression of power, and he will be threatened by the huge innate life force of women.

People who do not understand their own power level will become angry and frustrated and often act it out.

Men need to understand their own operating system.  It is built for deep emotional resonance.  It does not conduct change rapidly.  It contains love beautifully.   Women need to constantly step up to manifest and express power and leadership.  Women should understand that power flows them in a natural away, and women need to remove obstacles to manifesting power.

For men to build their life force, the new realization is that if you understand power, you understand women and you understand yourself.   You will breathe deeply for the first time.

The fastest way to become who you truly are, with the best qualities of both male (loving kindness) and female (power) is to meditate  When you meditate, you tap into the still, vibrant part of your being that does not carry around the deeply suffocating weight of wrong power roles.

I learned these teachings decades ago, and I have observed their truth ever since.  For a visual representation, I think of femaleness like a tsunami wave, fully risen – hugely powerful.  I think of maleness like a golden network of light – exquisite and refined.

When we view these aspects of our being in a new and more accurate way, we release power and energy in ourselves and gain deeper understanding to help others.  We understand duality without becoming trapped by it.

For a deeper dive on this topic, read The Power of The Loving Man!

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