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Women, Meditation, and Power

This book provides an excellent perspective for men and women. Female empowerment makes our world better and more women need to reach for their power. I highly recommend that you buy this book, read it and apply the lessons. Your life and the lives you touch will be far better for the effort!
– Jennifer Solow, Author

What an honest, straightforward and helpful discussion of the power of women. The author looked beyond surface labels and challenged me to look at the real character and intentions of those I interact with. I have struggled to develop into a “positively powerful” person and am encouraged that others are on the same path. Great incites, tips and tricks. I loved the tsunami and the diamond mind images. I highly recommend the Independence Ring. Enjoy.
– L. Marshall

Thank you for writing this book and giving me the opportunity to read it. I get, now, what it means to say, “women exemplify power”. You gave me a new pair of eyes. Everywhere I go, anything I watch or anything I hear, I start picking up the hints for this saying. After reading this book, I was more able to find matches/practical examples for the fact that women are more powerful. For example, I noticed that if women are in the lead of a cultural change, it occurs faster.
– Ali Shahidy, Women’s Rights Activist, Afghanistan

American Buddhist Rebel

This is definitely a book that changes your perspective on life for the better…The author is present interacting with Rama throughout the book. We as the reader are made to feel that we are part of the journey and that we are in the room with Rama and Liz.
– Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Benjamin Franklin Award Review

A biography of the spiritual leader, Rama, this book details the life and teachings of a man who not only brought his followers to a keener awareness of mysticism, but also urged them to take an active role in the contemporary world, urging participation in activities such as digital software development and even presidential politics. The book provides varied stories from students, family members and associates. Some recount seeing light flow from his hands, others saw him levitate, and yet others tell of his practical nature.
– U.S. Review of Books

This fascinating biography captures the wisdom of a genuine, compelling teacher who combined absolute miracles with humor, fun and adventure.  When you read this fast-paced book, you feel you are there, learning and transforming. This is an original and exciting read.
– Lynn V. Andrews, author of The Medicine Woman Series