Lifting the Lid Off Love and Power

In these angry and confusing times, it is increasingly difficult to find a sense of happiness and fulfillment.  It seems everything is out of balance.  While it is unlikely that any one individual can solve all the world’s problems, there is something each one of us can do.  We can seek to find balance within ourselves.

The first imprint we get about ourselves from the moment of our birth (or sooner) is our sex.  Male or female.  It’s the first piece of data we are stamped with.  Along with that data comes a mountain of information – what a boy is, what a girl is.  We grow up with that imprint, and even if our parents were gender flexible, our peers and society formed us into unforgiving views of how we measure up to standards of male and female.

In my books, Women, Meditation, and Power and The Power of the Loving Man, I up-end standard views of men and women.  I present my observations on a teaching I heard many years from a Buddhist teacher.  He spoke about an energy body surrounding the physical body.  This is similar to yoga and its description of energy centers, or martial arts and its concept of ki or chi.  Acupuncture also teaches about energy meridians surrounding the physical body.

The Buddhist teacher said that the energy body of a woman emanates life force or kundalini with more fluidity and speed than a man’s energy body. Because of that, a woman’s primary aspect is power.  Men, he said, have an energy body held closer to the physical body, more grid-like.   Man’s primary aspect is loving kindness and humility.

Over the past many millennia, these roles have been switched.  The power of women has been fully repressed – economically, socially, politically, spiritually, physically.  We are starting to emerge from some of the effects of female repression by men, but men remain in states of despair because they are still locked in mind-states that prevent loving kindness.

When men hold back knowledge, deprive women of leadership, treat women as possessions, or simply subordinate them in any way, they are on the path of harm.  They are generating bad karma.  Multiply this by about 5,000 years, and you see the planet breaking up beneath our feet.

In my books, I talk about many ways for women to develop their innate power and numerous ways for men to get back in touch with their loving kindness and humility.

I also emphasize the importance of meditation.

Many people think they know what meditation is, but they probably do not.  Unless someone is able to sit in meditation without any thought, they are not really meditating.  They are learning to meditate.  There are many ways to meditate and I teach several of those ways in the book.   I also suggest that everyone learns a number of ways to meditate and practice mindfulness.

With the combined practice of meditation and mindfulness, and the knowledge of the core strengths of men and women, you will develop an inner strength and fulfillment you have not experienced before.  You will become an activist of the highest and truest type, changing yourself, and using your power and love to help others.

Image by lukasbieri via Pixabay

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