Gender Ecology

The climate crisis is a stark symbol of imbalance in nature.  This imbalance is reflected in misunderstandings about males and females.   For millennia, human beings (men) have attempted to dominate the Earth, even though nature proves again and again that she is more powerful than any human.  Men have wrecked the Earth.  We know this is true because for the past five millennia or so, women have not been allowed to lead.  Rather, women have been repressed in every respect – economically, socially, politically, physically, and emotionally imprisoned.

Think about it.  Half of the human race has been dominated and controlled by men, who are not even structured to lead.  In my books, Women, Meditation, and Power and The Power of the Loving Man, I point out that women are built to lead because they conduct and express a vast amount of power.

Power in nature is fluidity and change, not domination and control.  The Grand Canyon was not created by rocks hurling insults at each other.  Rather, the Colorado River flowed through the canyon and created magnificent spaces.

Both men and women have energy bodies that surround their physical bodies.  They look and behave differently.  A woman’s energy body is more fluid.  It vibrates rapidly and extends beyond her physical body like a butterfly’s wings.  Her energy body is an expression of power as we see it in nature – fluid and capable of vast change.   A man’s physical body is more constrained, it is grid-like and held closer to the physical body.  It resembles a honeycomb.  It is a perfect container for love.

Somewhere back in time, the roles got reversed.  All human beings love power.  So men, threatened by the power of women, shut it down in every way.  The problem is – well, many problems.  When men hold back knowledge, deprive women of leadership, treat women as possessions, or simply subordinate them in any way, they are on the path of harm.  They are generating bad karma.  Multiply this by about 5,000 years, and you see the planet breaking up beneath our feet.

The repression of the vast, innate power of women and the suppression of the refined loving kindness in men has been going on for so long that no one remembers another way.  Both men and women are starting to change their world views now – with the definition of manliness questioned and the power and collaboration of femaleness rising.

To restore balance to the planet, men not only need to step back and let women exert their full, natural power but also they need to develop their own loving kindness.

I show how to do this in my books.  In The Power of the Loving Man, I suggest examining and nurturing many different aspects of higher love.  I propose role-playing and many other techniques to dislodge the old, repressive programming in all people.

I teach meditation and mindfulness because the best way to find inner peace and fulfillment is by tapping into what you already have, a reservoir of peace, insight and fulfillment – the inner stillness reached through meditation.

Males and females have both love and power within them, but when starting to heal ourselves and the planet, it is best to develop one’s own core strengths.

The energy bodies of the two sexes are different.  Women = power; men = love and humility.  When women come back into power, the Earth’s issues can be resolved.


Image by Matthew Abbott via The New York Times

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