Women, Meditation, and Power

Women, Meditation, and Power Book Cover

Women, Meditation, and Power

“At their natural, energetic core, men express love and humility, while women express power.”

Women are the power species on the planet. With insight inspired by a Buddhist teacher, Liz embarks on a journey of wisdom and exploration. Women readers will learn how to appreciate and accept their own vast, innate power level. Both men and women learn to identify the age-old, false mental/emotional programming that holds them in place and prevents them from experiencing true fulfillment.

This is a transformative, revolutionary book.

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Endorsements and Reviews

Liz, your book Women, Meditation and Power is FREAKING AMAZING.  It’s entertaining, informative, POWERFUL, LOVING, and humorous!  I got it today and couldn’t stop reading.
– Bruce Gao

Liz turns stereotypical gender roles upside down, and makes a compelling argument for how we can bring men and women back into balance — and why. But don’t take it from me, visit https://www.amazon.com/Women-Meditation-Power-Liz-Lewinson/dp/1947811797, read the reviews — and if you read her book, let me know if you appreciated its fresh and provocative perspective.
– Elizabeth Grace, Astrologer

Women Meditation and Power is a must read for women. Author Liz Lewinson reminds us of the strength and power found within all of us, that we often time suppress. Her words and teachings show us just how to let our power shine in every situation. The inspiration offered via her examples featuring well known women like Beyonce is empowering, no matter what journey you are on. After reading this, I felt the need to gift this to all of the bad-ass women in my life.
– Siria Contreras, Founder, Consciously Studios

Really enjoyed this book. The first chapter was especially hard-hitting and I really craved hearing more in the chapters that followed. I loved the combination of key teachings with your interpretations.
– Taz Tagore, Executive DIrector and Founder, Reciprocity Foundation, New York

Women, Meditation and Power is a concise and wonderful book about the definition of gender from a spiritual point of view. This book reveals the strength and power that is a part of women’s true being and the humility that is a part of men’s being. Highly recommended for the guys too, as both genders seem to be confused about their true essence.
– Michael Raboy, Director, Bakersfield Meditation Center