The Power of the Loving Man

The Power of the Loving Man Book Cover

Men are Natural Leaders in Loving Kindness

Over many millennia, men were conditioned by wrong ideas of masculinity.  They were taught constricted views of loving kindness, self, and power.  These incorrect messages damaged all the different relationships in men’s lives. An objective look at power shows that power is not domination and control; it is fluidity and change — the core quality, we are now realizing, of women.

If females represent power, where does this leave men? Men possess the strongest force in the universe – love. Not passion, not romance — a deep, resonant love from the heart.  A love for life, for being.  By understanding the vast innate power of women and the deep loving kindness of men, both sexes can step into their full power, help heal their relationships, and re-calibrate our world.

Endorsements and Reviews

A Way Out of Gender Inequality In her new book, The Power of the Loving Man, Liz Lewinson continues the work she began in Women, Meditation, and Power. She dives deeper into the main issue underlying gender inequality and the violence we witness in ourselves and in the world: energetic role reversal. She explains we all have the capacity to be an expression of feminine power and of masculine loving kindness, but our social conditioning flipped and then limited those definitions to being either powerful or loving. This, Lewinson points out, has caused: “power in women and loving kindness in men to have been equally repressed during the last few millennia.” Lewinson shows how men are innately equipped to express loving-kindness through their solidity and strength, while women are the holders of the pure power of fluidity. Throughout the pages of The Power of the Loving Man, she gently guides us to an understanding of our energetic nature. She confirms her intuitive seeing through interviews with men and explains the impact of this profound insight with clear examples of what happens when a man releases his desire to control and embraces his inherent ability to love. Once we stop trying to deny our capabilities, we can start to live up to our full potential. While women own their power to enact change, men can recognize the strength and power of love to support those changes – together they will create a beautiful and balanced world. For those interested in improving life on this planet, The Power of the Loving Man is a book every man – and woman – should read! – Turīya (Jenna Sundell), Author, meditation teacher, and founder of Dharma Center in San Diego
Highly Recommended and heart-warming. Changed my understanding of both men and women. I highly recommend The Power of the Loving Man to both men and women. For men, this book may challenge our self-image and encourage us to explore our rich depth of healthy emotions and behavior. Women are encouraged to get in touch with and express their natural power. Both men and women will be challenged to let go of the socially inherited, dysfunctional definition of what it means to be a man or a woman. This is an amazing, heartwarming and stimulating book for those who want to experience more love, gratitude, happiness and power in their lives. I have already bought copies for my friends! – Mike Stillwell, President, Bakersfield Meditation Society
Leaving the zero-sum mindset of power behind, for men and women. In a clear, inspired and relatable manner, Lewinson asserts that men and women hold their innate power in unique ways and that both have experienced repression of these true expressions through history, perpetuating great suffering and imbalance. She proposes that the limited and incorrect definitions of the qualities that define men and women, have solidified into templates through history, and continue to exert their harm, consciously and unconsciously, from the level of the individual to the level of the world-stage. The book, a companion to the book she wrote on the power of women, encourages all readers to take action at the personal and everyday level first, through the Buddhist practices of meditation, mindfulness and compassion. She proposes that through creating space for the possibility of seeing and experiencing their special capacity for agape, love and humility, men can do their part to exit the current zero-sum mindset, realize their true and greatest form of power, and stand with, not above or below, women. – Cat Utah, Entrepreneur and Designer
Very insightful book about the nature of men and women. Very insightful book about the nature of men and women. Lewinson writes in very helpful detail about power and love in men and women and how an imbalance in those aspects of ourselves can lead to an imbalance in our lives and then into our societies. She identifies men as having lost touch with the love inside of themselves and women as having lost touch with the power inside of themselves. The resulting lack of harmony in our lives prevents us from becoming truly happy. The author also presents a myriad of ways that our society conditions us to be this way, and how society does not provide any alternatives. Fortunately, the book also has an excellent section on how to explore these ideas and practices to help us change. – Amazon Customer
Learn how to find your heart AND be strong As gender stereotypes have eroded, we men are trying to find ourselves and our own expression. This is a unique book! It doesn’t just tell you how to adopt another false identity as a man (sensitive, manly, etc), it shows how to undo the conditioning that keeps us unhappy and disconnected from ourselves and the women we love. With every piece of conditioning that is stripped away, we can find our own unique creative expression and a whole world of happiness. – Chris F., Vice President of Customer Solutions