Women, Meditation, and Power Book Cover

Women, Meditation, and Power

“At their natural, energetic core, men express love and humility, while women express power.”

Women are the power species on the planet. With insight inspired by a Buddhist teacher, Liz embarks on a journey of wisdom and exploration.

The Power of the Loving Man

The essence of a man is loving kindness. Why? Because he’s built that way.

Today men are often perceived as hard, closed off and unemotional. But when this limited perception of manhood is stripped away, a strong grid-like energy, held like a multi-faceted net…

The Power of the Loving Man Book Cover
American Buddhist Rebel Book Cover

American Buddhist Rebel

This award-winning biography of the early teaching years of Rama ‐ Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950 ‐ 1998) immerses you in a journey of joyful self-discovery.

Celebrate as Rama emerges from a whirlwind of teenage rebellion…