90% of Men and Women Have Bias Against Women?

A recent (March, 2020) United Nations report found that around the globe, 90% of men and women are biased against women.  The report found that people’s beliefs negatively impact women’s rights and equality.

Today, as the globe fights a pandemic, COVID-19, it is evident the world is out of balance.  Prior to the pandemic, headlines focused on the urgency of climate change as seas rise, storms grow more turbulent, global warming increases.  Right in line with these scourges are the published results of this study — endemic, worldwide suppression and distrust of the power of women.

Some would say the suppression of the native power of women is root cause.

We are learning with great pain that we are one planet.  A virus that began in one country is now threatening lives all over the world.  A climate disaster in one continent affects the whole population.  Inequality and imbalance of the gender that embodies natural power — women — has worldwide impact.

In my books, I pass along a core teaching:  females are constructed so that life force flows through them more rapidly.  Power in nature is change, fluidity, and movement.  Women embody power.  For men to suppress the power of women means that vital human life force and natural leadership is suppressed.

The results are disastrous and have been for many millennia.  We have been doing things wrong for a long time.  Climate change and global warming may take some time to turn around.  Scientists worldwide are racing to find a cure for this pandemic that will bring it to an end.  Something every person can do now is examine the roots of their bias against women and replace bias with complete understanding — women are built to lead.  Men need to nurture their innate loving kindness.  This is something individuals can do.

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